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What’s key for HR in 2016… Discussion Continues

By : MiHCM | Reporter

In our last post we discussed few topical areas of HR for 2016. In this post, we will extend our discussion to unveil more of such themes and see how the importance of those trends/ themes have evolved to impact the workplace and HR practices.

  • Understanding Employee Diversity

Not only may the multinational businesses, even a start-up see high level of diversity in their workforce. Employees with various skill sets, competencies, employees residing in various geographical locations etc. makes the workforce and the culture more vibrant. It’s important to discover this diversity for multiple reasons. Your workforce may have employees with the ability to converse in multiple languages, having the ability to communicate and network with any business environment for the benefit of the company. Such employees can be mentored, groomed and utilized for business development strategies internationally. It is important that HR to start recording these diversities of employees and think of ways to utilize those for the business.

  • Discover Exceptional Talent

Your workforce with an array of skills and competencies can actually support the various strategies of the business. HR should chronicle the skills and qualifications of every employee to understand which employee/s are suitable for new positions & leadership roles. When companies decide on capitalizing on developing/manufacturing innovative predicts or solutions and marketing them to existing and new markets… they need to find people with unique talent to support such projects. Hence, having detailed analysis on employees’ academic, professional qualifications and even their unique talent could be highly favorable to companies who aspire to reach heights in 2016.

  • Continuous Review

Every team leader/ leadership role should have constant connection with their employees to ensure they are in line with the overall company mission and expectations. This entails the continuous feedback given to employees on their progress coupled with diplomatic conversations team leaders may have with employees. Constructive feedback certainly helps employees to identify their weaknesses and even the suggestions of team leaders to bridge the skill gaps. HR, being the entity that drives the workforce towards company’s success, should roll- out mechanisms, systems to encourage continuous feedback and conversation.

This brings us to an end in the key areas we suggest HR to look into in 2016. Strong attention given to these facets of people management will help HR and the overall business to thrive with an outstanding workforce with skills and capabilities suitable to achieve the company mission. Visit to recognize how businesses can leverage on HR software to develop employees and sustain competitiveness of the business.

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