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Winning the challenges in Digital HR

By : MiHCM | Reporter

Even though the Millennials have rarely seen a world without HR being digitalized, other generations would always remember the days we used to have piles of files in their workstations for each and every minor detail.

It’s a please to the eye to see that those days are long gone. Digital HR will save the daily hassles you have to go through to get your work done.

There are two large barriers the HR and business leaders have to overcome when digitizing HR.

#1- HR should change the mindset of employees to adapt digitalization. Digitized HR solutions will better engage your employees with the HR system. HR department should convince employees on the value of digital HR. Performance management powered by digital technology will help employees to inform their achievements on goals to superiors in real-time. Thus employees can improve their performance and understand which skills they should improve regularly. Further, employees could experience an interactive learning experience through digitized learning management. Employees can consume online learning content from anywhere anytime.

Engaging the mobile workforce is a key element in digital HR. Digital HR apps are now developed with a Mobile-first approach in order to bring employees close to HR and the business. Objective of enabling Mobile HR is to empower your workforce to swiftly manage their HR needs such as apply for leave, request training and even to contact the HR team. Mobile enabled HR makes life easier for your leadership as they could have complete access to people’s insights through the Mobile app and make important HR decisions on the fly. Internet traffic, no less than 40 percent is caused by the mobile devices across the world, according to Deloitte research findings. Yet, less than 20 percent of companies have unveiled mobile apps to power digital HR. Thus this is a good time to invest in mobile technology and avail

What we’ve mentioned here are only a few benefits of leveraging digital HR. HR professionals should be capable to demonstrate the positive ROI of Digital HR to both employees and business leaders to achieve their buy-in.

#2- The new Digital HR imperative should be able to transform all the people data that is stored in that so called pile of files to a user friendly database. Now imagine the massive amount of time it would take for this transformation. One could say, digitalization of HR is not as easy as it seems. Even though the transformation is massive, the results are distinctly great and beneficial.

Overcoming such difficulties, finally the revolution has begun for digital HR, giving a world-class experience for HR department, employees and business leaders. There is tremendous progress with comparison to each year in Digital HR, with new solutions powered by cloud, social, mobile and analytics. In our future posts, we will be discussing more trends that support Digital HR. Stay tuned with

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