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The Mission- Critical Function in an enterprise- HR Management

By : MiHCM | Reporter

When building the “corporate talent system” for 2014, you will begin to realize that you must also rethink the way in which HR operates.

Accordingly, many companies are working towards creating the “HR transformation” in their organizations. Reason behind this transformation is that HR is required to be at the forefront in sourcing, attracting, retaining talent within organizations. HR department will be re-positioned as the “leader of the corporate not merely a provider of employee and manager services.

We recommend below initiatives to be reconsidered when redesigning/ re-positioning the role of HR in enterprises:

  • Establish a strong service-delivery system and self-service to automate possible operational employee needs
  • The entire HR department has to be aligned with team leaders/ heads of departments and dive deep into the business, which will enable them to realize how the quality of the workforce can be reinforced to face the potential challenges in the industry
  • Intense focus on external intelligence, research, benchmarking, and the continuous scanning of new tools, technologies, marketplace and workforce changes, and demographic shifts
  • Internal training and development of the HR team, through which the entire HR team will be able to discover new ways to manage and retain talent

Eventually HR departments need to automate their daily operational HR tasks as well as the strategic HR functions in order to deliver an extra ordinarily efficient and productive HR service to the organization. By maintaining the entire range of HR data in one automated system will not only save time…It will enable HR professional to free up to rethink new ways to manage and retain talent within the organization and guide/ direct the senior management in the company toward successful talent management. Visit to explore how Microimage HRIS will help enterprises avail themselves from an automated HR System.

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