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Role of HR… Do we need a Revamp?

By : MiHCM | Reporter

Is HR keeping its pace with the evolving business changes? Let’s put some time on thinking through the role of HR organizations in today’s business!

HR, designed primarily as an administrative or compliance function, today’s HR is expected to support below “Business Needs”;

Be Responsive, Analytical, Data-driven & intensely Skilful in hiring and developing talent

These business needs set the foundation to reconfigure HR, its structure, role & responsibilities, expected skills & competencies of HR professionals. They also create an unparalleled opportunity for HR to perform a strategic role at the business strategizing.

Having new opportunities and wrenching challenges, it’s important to realize how HR has been performing throughout… Do the HR professionals have required capabilities to meet these business needs? According to research conducted by an international research body, only 22% of business leaders believe that HR is changing to match with changing needs of the workforce. Only 20% indicates that HR can adequately plan for the company’s future talent needs. Doesn’t this indicate the unbridgeable gap between capabilities of HR vs. changing needs in the business landscape?

Our purpose of writing this post is to uncover few factors that will drive the need to reconfigure the role of HR in business…

  • C-Level executives, business leaders are more concerned on improving and retaining skilful & rich talent with organizations. Hence HR is expected to walk away from operational/ administrative work and invest their strength on supporting strategic plans/decisions. Service of HR is expected more in the development of talent.
  • The upcoming HR Software Systems now offer integrated functionalities and better reach to data. This includes optimized analytics. Such HR software has made Employee self-service a reality. HR continues to struggle even if their task has been made easy with above automated processes.
  • A highly competitive global talent market has shifted power into the hands of employees, forcing HR to redesign programs in the face of a much more demanding workforce.

How can HR professionals shift their role from operational to strategic and seize new opportunities? As highlighted among the above points, modern HR Software Solutions (HRIS platforms) empower HR with comprehensive analytics, assessments, reports etc. that will support the decision making and reasoning abilities of HR. Hence, an enterprise level HR Software can make HR more agile, data driven with timely & optimized analytics. A comprehensive HRIS will assist HR become more business focused by performing operational- strategic HR functions on one platform, which will help HR professionals invest their efforts to support the strategic direction of the organization.

MiHCM, being an enterprise class comprehensive Human Capital Management Solution will establish the required HR culture at your enterprise by streamlining human resources, planning, attracting, retaining, developing, rewarding and aligning people towards company’s business goals. Management of total HR functions via our HRIS will ensure effective Talent Management within the organization. Automation & in-depth functionality provided by the modules in our Human Resource Management System will reduce the hassle of HR departments, allowing them to perform HR functions timely while assisting the organization achieve its overall vision!

HR organizations that achieve both “HR” and “Corporate” goals simultaneously will be positioned among the most agile, data driven, business integrated departments in the years to come…

We invite our readers to discover how we have supported the Makeover of HR with MiHCM. Let’s discuss more factors that drive the need to shift the role of HR, in our future posts… Keep tab with us!

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