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Rethink your approach to Human Resource Management…to challenge the HR Norms!

By : MiHCM | Reporter

In this post, we will be highlighting what your organization should consider when building the “corporate talent system” in 2014. We will suggest ways to rethink your HR practice in the organization. In 2014, HR will become strategically important than ever before!

Value of HR is evaluated by its ability to recruit/ attract, retain, and reinforce talent; hence companies will need to go through a “HR Transformation”. This transformation needs to position HR as an “Architect of Rich Talent”—not only a provider of employee and manager services. As a part of this transformation, today’s HR function has to be heavily optimized around talent management, with a focus on embedding HR expertise within the business. We suggest below principals to be implemented and practiced in 2014:

  • Superiors/ team leaders/ managers should play the role of “HR specialists,” who are focused on recruiting, organizational and employee development etc. Accordingly these superiors should network to share skills with each other
  • Intense focus on strengthening HR intelligence, research, benchmarking best industry HR practices, and the continuous research to discover new tools/ technologies to raise quality of company HR practices
  • HR should focus on Internal training and development — to make everyone within the organization an expert who understands individual’s role and knows how to use tools and data
  • Development of standard frameworks, technology platforms, tools, and other solutions to address the evolving employee needs and changing HR trends globally
  • Comprehensive “HR Analytics” system to monitor and improve talent
  • A strong, dynamic and innovative CHRO/head of HR who is not only tightly aligned with the business, but is also willing to push for innovation and new solutions that drives people performance to a whole new level. These techniques of a new CHRO have to be unique, company-specific programs that leverage the people and business performance, corporate culture etc.

We have developed a comprehensive and sophisticated HRIS- Microimage HCM that drives these aspects, helping HR to manage and retain talent within organizations. It supports leadership development, manages data and information about people and fosters the company culture and plan for the future.

In 2014, our goal needs to be OPTIMIZING HR to focus on the delivery of talent management, employee and corporate performance and develop expertise in recruiting, coaching, and retaining employees. Visit to understand how our HCM solution establishes the new role of HR in organizations, through which companies will be allowed to challenge the norms of HR and become a strategic contributor to business success.

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