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Are we ready for Next-Gen Performance Management?

By : MiHCM | Reporter

Our previous post was dedicated to discuss how performance management is changing at fevered pace and how numerous articles articulate this trend. As the topic is gaining traction every minute, why not we dive deep on Performance Management?

With much research on the industry and insights gained through our clients, HR practitioners, we’ve analyzed how Management perspectives/ thinking have progressed since mid 90’s till date. At the incept companies were managed through rigid hierarchical structures by specifying what people need to do. Commands, rules and tight control were definite characteristics of such structures.

Changing this dramatically, in 1960’s/1970’s, the hierarchical and rigid management thinking changed, as goals started to get cascaded down the hierarchy. Authority and power was getting delegated and shared, enabling employees to make better work related decisions.

In late 90’s with the emergence of novel business models and ventures driven by innovation, businesses started to look at ways of empowering people. Leadership styles, performance management mechanisms took a dramatic transition during this period to experience strong employee motivation, empowerment and engagement.

The evolution of management perspectives and thinking has progressed to a whole new and transformative stage today. This era required companies to run by their mission and goals. Companies would make their teams more agile and the business processes much more efficient to experience a productive outcome.

In this era, every manager would transform into a team leader by defining goals and mentoring the team towards achievement. Team leaders would set up systems to identify employees’ skill gaps, bridge those gaps and convert mediocre performers into better performers.

As the perspectives on management and leadership is radically changing it indicates the need to transform a core aspect in people management which is performance management. Besides the changes in management views, workforces are encompassing of more millennials every day. This generation would not waste their energy on annual performance reviews, thus causing the demise of traditional performance management concepts such as bell curves.

Microimage, being a HR software solutions vendor for more than 15 years, continuously evolved our HR solution to match the changing HR requirements. The new wave of performance management has to be supported by design and development efforts of software vendors. Recognizing the role of HRIS vendors in this shift, we have brought a revolutionary change to our HR software with Digital technology. Our all new digitized HR software solution will incorporate many digital, social, mobile and analytical components to enable, empower and engage employees better with performance management practice and other HR functions too.

With this revolutionary digital HR platform, we believe our clients could prepare for the “Next generation performance management”. Explore Microimage HCM Cloud- Digital HR platform on MiHCM.

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