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Moving HR to the Cloud!

By : MiHCM | Reporter

HR professionals are poised to maximize their contribution to the overall business strategy… before discussing how HR should do this, let’s discover how the business landscape is changing particularly with technology!

Digital technology is now everywhere, it disrupts business models and continuously changes how work is done, how people are managed. Technologies including mobile devices, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things are transforming various processes of companies including design, manufacture, and delivery to other. Not only these… Digital is disrupting the complete HR process. It has changed the way organizations recruit, mentor, and motivate the workforce. Innovative companies are figuring out how to simplify and improve the work experience by applying digital disciplines. The application of digital technologies (social networking, cloud and mobile tech, cognitive computing to mimic the way human brain works) into regular work and managing people is DIGITAL HR!

To become a true contributor to the overall business strategy, HR should hire, manage and retain the best talent who would support the said strategy. To do this, HR should embrace digital HR. living with the HR tech of good old days will no longer help HR to become a strong contributor of a business strategy.

Business leaders demand HR leaders to become the change agents who would reinvent talent management to hire, engage and retain rich talent. To do this, HR must first deal with the immediate challenge they have right in front of them. This is to choose the right HR technology to manage the entire employee life cycle and keep the best employees engaged!

However, replacing the HR technology already being used by an organization is easier said than done. This is due to many reasons. Technology changes at fevered speed and business leaders are perhaps confused with information and options to choose from (i.e. which solution should we opt?). Companies have incurred massive investments on existing on-premise systems which cannot be replaced overnight. Having the mind-sets of an entire workforce changed from an on-premise era to cloud/digital era is a nightmare.

These difficulties are certainly holding back the HR decision to leverage on Digital HR. however, a clear understanding on Digital technology and its key benefits would change this scenario. 44% of the respondents to a latest research study are using cloud for core HR. Another 30% is intending to shift to cloud in the next one-three years. This shows a consistent cloud adaption. This finding is underpinned by the research conducted by Deloitte in 2016 which states “CEOs and HR leaders are focused on designing a work environment that engages people and are embracing digital technologies to reinvent the workplace”. Our experience in the domain during the last 20 years and with the recent launch of our own Digital HR Software; HCM Cloud, we realised something interesting! Companies are recognising the importance of integrating social, mobile capabilities to HR to bring much convenience to employees’ routine work.

We believe and suggest our clients that replacing HR systems will not help them to progress in the future. Instead they need to instigate a platform to deliver ease- of-use, productivity and confidentiality and cost effectiveness to the entire organization.

What does HCM Cloud do?

HCM Cloud helps HR to partner with a software and experience HR on cloud that will deliver digital HR, complete HCM processes from core HR to talent management, provide deep and impactful analytics, while offering integration capabilities with outsourced payroll systems etc. Most importantly, HCM Cloud offers a consumer grade user experience which completely replaces the cumbersome interfaces of on-premise solutions.

We will be discussing more on how digital HR solutions could engage employees, innovate the HR experience and engage employees… in our next post!

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