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Mobilization of Human Capital Management Tech!

By : MiHCM | Reporter

By employing key mobile applications, employees and managers can use their devices to access payroll details, check the status of payments, check on employee performance or approve employee requests on leave etc.They also have access to a company directory through a mobile application— to share knowledge and information or easily connect with colleagues. Today, companies take every effort to make the critical, timely HR functions available and accessible through mobile, so people can access them conveniently at anytime from anywhere. Such availability and easy access keeps companies away from holding critical tasks. HR Software vendors’ focus going forward is extending the capabilities of employee and employer self-service to allow simpler, faster and timely access to key HR functions.

Mobile-enabled HR processes are spanning from payroll, performance management, learning management to recruitment functions etc. Development and use of mobile devices keep growing, thus industry vendors strive to develop mobile platforms to accommodate this challenging trend. As a result, more line and HR managers are now using tablets or smartphones to review or speed up transactions, recruiting, performance management, payroll etc. HR and R&D can collaborate to develop training/ learning modules and performance tools for use on mobile devices. Development of these mobile enabled software/platforms helps front-line employees to review work schedules, submit leave requests or review benefits information when they are away from the office.

Greater access to mobile enabled processes will deliver positive return to companies: Employee engagement will be raised, managers will have direct and quick access to HR data to expedite decision making, and further companies will have easy access to rich talent through mobile strategies. While companies are converting from traditional techniques to mobile enabled software to manage HR functions, HR software vendors should also improve their expertise in the mobile, space to enhance their mobile applications for HR functions, through which they can encourage adoption in mobile based HR technologies.

Mobile functionality is becoming a vital for HR leaders looking to replace or upgrade existing HR or talent management techniques. Although software vendors have been busy in recent years developing or redefining their existing software-as-a-service applications, the mobile trend is emerging and will become a game changer in the next few years, this gives the message to vendors to develop new mobile platforms if they wish to win and maintain a distinctive edge in the playing field!

To withstand this challenging trend, we have developed our HCM suite to enable companies to easily access and review HR functions through the mobile! We invite you to visit for more details and welcome you to share your views with us on the importance of mobilizing the HR Tech!

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