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Improvement, Sophistication & Maturity in Workforce Analytics with Digital HR

By : MiHCM | Reporter

Sweeping global forces are changing the way businesses operate. Four powerful forces out of these are creating dramatic improvements in businesses and particularly in HR. Social, Mobile, Workforce Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) are these forces.

Out of thee forces, Analytics would be our discussion in this post as almost every business leader who runs an enterprise base their business decisions on DATA.

We have been offering people analytics capabilities to our clients with our HCM software solutions throughout. Importance of analytics for HR decisions is rising and now leadership levels demand a broader range of analytical capabilities to categorize/ shortlist successors, identify best performers, and make other critical human capital decisions.

Understanding the rising needs in HR analytics, we have included much interesting, sophisticated and matured features to the analytics in our digital HR platform- HCM Cloud. Today, importance of analytics is not only for HR leaders. Objective of analytics is to utilize people data to understand the business, understand predictive tends and make informed people centric decisions to improve the business.

The next generation sophisticated HR analytics enables leaders to simply search many HR insights; skills that drive leadership in the organization, employee retention levels, new recruits in a selected entity, which employees are qualified to promote. This ability of mature HR analytics helps business leaders identify groups employees based on any important criteria. Such features provide useful insight for business decisions.

Ability to search/query employee in the most simplified ways helps HR organizations to establish the “Data-driven HR organization”. Today, businesses operate and base their decisions on quantitative data and insights. Thus, the ability to derive advance people analytics is also critical to build a productive workforce. This shows that HR insights are not merely beneficial ONLY to HR, but it certainly offers much value to the overall business.

We’d like our readers to explore the value of sophisticated and matured HR Analytics and Digital HR further. Visit MiHCM today

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