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Helping Organizations transform through HR

By : MiHCM | Reporter

Today, our post will be based on a key trend we learned at one of the flagship local HR events held in Colombo, Sri Lanka last week. One highlight in this event was the discussion on “Modern Trends in HR for National Prosperity”. We recognised this as one of the interesting subjects to analyse in our posts!

The world is transforming with globalization, digitization, advanced tech etc. which keeps impacting the way we work and more importantly the way we should work in the future. External environmental changes creates both challenges and opportunities for HR. considering these changes in the business landscape, HR departments need to have more calculated plans to train the workforce to align themselves with the changing business requirements.

HR organizations should increasingly use more HR analytics and data to provide insights to the senior management level. These insights should be helpful for the management to realize how human resources need to be attracted, allocated & improved to ensure sustainable business growth.

Moreover, HR should embrace new technology that affects the total human capital management process in an organization. Broad range of HR analytics and comprehensive people management data supported by high- tech HRM software will help HR departments analyse the trends in organizational Human Resources Management. This will enable to them to expedite people centric decision making processes.

They said HR is at an inflection point. Hence, HR departments need to be less process oriented and more value centric. In doing so, they need to better understand how Macro Environment changes will affect the way people work and align Human Resources accordingly … to ensure human capital in an organization will always respond positively to the changing business environment. If HR understands and reverts to these changes, organizations will be able to reach their profitability and sustainability targets and even serve the Nation & Community!

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