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Experience Digital HR on the go!

By : MiHCM | Reporter

Work is not anymore about sitting in front of your desk every day, looking at your PC. It’s about constantly interacting with your clients, customers, and peers. Meeting clients, interviewing business leaders, holding press conferences etc. have become important aspects of a business ever since the technology has evolved. Therefore, convenience matters. Employees cannot access their PCs at all times. They cannot go to the HR department whenever there’s a need. As a solution to all of this, Digital HR brings HR to your palms in a much more convenient and attractive way, through mobile HR systems!

The invention of the smart phone has been one of the greatest discoveries in the world. Modern smart phones have given you almost every facility a personal computer could provide. With the development of the smart phones and tablet PCs, countless applications have been developed to be used with these gadgets. What if your HR facilities were to be included in your device, where you could easily access it at any time, from anywhere? Digital HR has utilized this need to offer a revolutionary product; mobile HR.

Mobile HR gives you a massive amount of facilities. This includes marking your attendance, request and cancel leave through your mobile device, keep track on your to-do lists, contact your team and reach the HR through mobile to leave feedback or to send a message. We could say that the mobile HR has covered you your most essential HR needs on a daily basis.

Marking time and attendance is done securely through the mobile app as each employee will be given a unique user ID to log in. Also, as your location is tagged for your and the organisation’s convenience, it could easily determine if the employee is working inside the office itself, or outside. This feature also provides the benefit of tracking their check-in and check-out times as the usual digital HR platforms do, and early departures and overtime will automatically be calculated. The employee could also view their attendance history.

Leave Management has never been easier. Now with mobile HR, you could save yourself the hassle of applying for leave, turning your computer on and typing emails to inform that you’re unable to attend to work. The only thing you have to do is to access the Leave Management module in your mobile HR and apply for leave. Mobile HR also will be able to calculate the days you will be on leave and report to the superiors accordingly, by the organisational hierarchy systemized in their database.

Why carry notebooks and memo pads anymore, when your mobile HR can keep track of your to-do lists and tasks to be done? Mobile HR offers convenience at its best by offering you quick access to your targets. Your tasks can be added by yourself or by your superiors directly through the system and mobile HR will keep updating you. Additionally, important events and updates can be fired to every employee via the notice board, which also sends an automated mail. With mobile HR, employees will always stay current and updated.

Digital HR has finally reached the pinnacle of disruption in this era with mobile HR coming to the spotlight. However, technology is an ever-evolving process, therefore Digital HR should also be following the digital trends and keep up-to-date. Learn more about our Mobile HCM by visiting We will be back with more valuable insights on Digital HR. Stay tuned.



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