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Continuous Search for Rich Talent; Recruitment

By : MiHCM | Reporter

Increasing competitiveness in the business landscape & intensity of knowledge demonstrated by the upcoming workforce is challenging organizations to rethink their recruitment and talent management capabilities.

We thought of adding this quick post into our blog to add few points combining recruitment and talent management. This post will look at the relationship/ link between talent management and recruitment. Talent management fundamentally refers to the exercise of attracting rich talent, mentoring them to be aligned with the corporate strategy and retaining them to accomplish the company mission while enriching the career path and professional development of such employees.

This exercise will be successful, only if companies practice right recruitment techniques. Careful screening processes and rigorous training programs will be the ideal way to source rich talent for organizations and companies should include this entire –process into their talent management strategy.

HR software solutions, which also can be talent management systems (at times) in companies, can play an instrumental role in establishing a good recruitment practice/ process in an organization. As discussed above, talent management includes attracting and retaining the best bred of employees to an organization. Hence, a HR Software solution that helps organizations do this recruitment process, can be introduced as a talent management system. This is why we have included a talent management suite (including recruitment software) to our HRMS.

The Recruitment software in Microimage HR system enables a range of recruitment facilities starting from Online recruitment portal integration, setting up user friendly interview planning and shortlisting, upto the conclusion of final selection with workflow based approval.

Many clients of Microimage are benefited with the convenience we offer with our recruitment software. We will discuss such benefits in our upcoming posts! Visit to study our recruitment module more.

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