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Can Digital HR help Attract and Retain People?

By : MiHCM | Reporter

Business processes keep embracing digital transformation through social, mobile, analytics and cloud technology, which makes HR automation increasingly popular. Thus can the human resources organisations be far behind? It is a known fact their HR teams to do just that.


The C level leaders are ready to alter their talent strategies, by letting HR leaders to guide their way, but this effort would be successful if HR practitioners can present how their talent management programs can transfer into measurable business outcomes. Therefore, HR needs to become digital to attract, retain and engage talent in a digital landscape, and there are many areas of HR that they need to introduce digitisation:



To become digital, HR functions need to simplify their experience in the above areas using technology. Mobility for an example; The next generation of workforce prefer to use mobile devices and live in social networks frequently. Thus, companies need to focus their talent acquisition efforts on all social channels to attract young talent. To elaborate further, companies that use social channels to define and enhance their corporate brand has a greater chance of been more visible among the next generation of workforce.


Similar to any social network, corporate processes also should be as sophisticated and simple as apps. This means that recruitment, onboarding, performance assessments, feedback, engagement to other HR functions should be enabled to employees via apps. Designing a simplified HR experience like how we use a social channel is the ultimate goal of HR organisations.


Besides using Digital HR to hire talent, HR may use technology to retain them. Employee Engagement is a definite result HR could achieve by mindfully digitising the HR experience. HR needs to introduce pulse surveys, continuous feedback driven performance appraisals and other ways for employees to share their ideas/suggestions with HR and colleagues. Digital HR platforms and their mobile apps certainly enable these functionalities, encouraging HR to bring employees closer to the organisation and keep them in line with the organisation’s mission.


It is paramount to introduce a data-driven culture to organisations, and thanks to Digital HR, HR departments can conveniently accomplish this. Accurate and instant HR insights on employees’ overtime, attendance and leave behavior, performance, learning and even analytics on recruitment will help the business leadership to optimise people decisions based on data.


Ultimately, these developments indicate that a Digital HR will be working with employees and business leaders the same way that organisations work with their clients to gather insights about them, analyse trends and respond to them wisely and timely. The goal, then, is that the organisation will be rewarded, not only with a consistent bottom line, but also with productive employees.

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