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Automate your HR tasks – Add incredible value to HR from the perspective of productivity building!

By : MiHCM | Reporter

Lately, the role of HR professionals has advanced into the strategic phase. The new wave of HR requires HR Professionals to move beyond the mountains of paperwork, payroll,and event planning, HR professionals are being asked to assist the future of the company through strategic practices such as performance management,analysis of workforce trends and potential, talent management costs and comprehensive training and development programs. Unfortunately, with so much of the day already being allocated to traditional and routine administrative work, it can be difficult for HR to invest time to support the strategic objectives and to become a “thought leader” in the organization.

Ideally HR should become a contributor to the strategic goals of the company which will help them to give optimum visibility for the HR department and provide quantifiable and non-quantifiable benefit to the company. The best way we could recommend for enterprises to better avail themselves of the benefits of strategic HR is to rollout an automated HR system to reduce the time consuming, repetitive, administrative work. In order to help companies automate the gamut of HR practices, Microimage introduced its HCM System which is a comprehensive HRIS any enterprise could use to manage their HR tasks.

HRIS is commonly known as a software or online platform that assists HR professionals to integrate employee data and raise performance of regular HR tasks.Though the need for a comprehensive HRIS was increasing, majority of the systems served only payroll processing needs, with few additional features for attendance management and other operational administrative tasks. However, with the new wave towards strategic HR needs, we decided to shift our HRIS a basic system to a complete HR suite which encompasses all of the operational and strategic HR tasks, including a much broader range of facilities.

One of the key roles of an HRIS is the integration of employee data into ONE SINGLE system. This expedites the performance of overall HR administrative tasks.Enterprises without an HRIS will end up maintaining multiple files, formats, numerous software programs to manage each HR task, and heaps of paper work related to administration, benefits management, training records, recruitment, and performance management etc.

Even if a company has a considerable amount of employees in the HR department who are capable of multitasking, manual data solutions can become messy, tough to manage and maintain. Having loads of forms and files where you have data stored for each employee in multiple locations will increase inefficiency of HR department, it will also hinder the decision making speed in the organization, as HR will not be able to provide employee data for management decisions in an efficient manner.

HR department will find this manual process extraordinarily time-consuming to trace/analyze workforce trends such as attendance patterns, turnover rates, and training needs for succession planning and performance management data for recognition. The Microimage HCM is developed to address these challenges and help companies mitigate the risk of maintain strategic HR data in manual systems. Our HRIS will help companies to maintain, analyse & compare, access employee data readily and efficiently for strategic decision making. Visit for more details.

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