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Another 3 of 6 Criteria to select the right HR Software!

By : MiHCM | Reporter

While understanding the importance of HR in the business, it is also important to discover how efficacy of HR can be improved with suitable HR technologies.

Today, we will roll-out out post to discuss three of the fundamental points that will help organizations select their HR tech partner in 2016! This post will discuss 3 guidelines and let’s await our next post to highlight the rest!

1. Comprehensiveness of the HR Software Solution

There are many HR software solutions in the market. But are these capable of supporting all your HR needs in the organization? Some solutions in the market with limited capabilities/ functionalities will create information gaps, integration issues and finally result in a loss of agility in HR.

For an example, let’s consider a HR software solution that provides only the Core HR capabilities. In this situation, how will your organization integrate core HR functions with any strategic HR functions you may perform in different systems used in the organization? Having core HR functions processed through one system and having the strategic HR functions processed through other disparate systems will cause massive integration issues. Hence, your HR Software solution needs to be comprehensive enough to handle both Core HR as well as Strategic HR functions.

2. Feasibility and Vibrancy of the HR Software solution provider

Here’s something you need to be very cautious when selecting an ideal HR software vendor. Look at your HR software vendor’s track record in the domain. This refers to their stability in the domain. You need to find out whether the considered vendor has stability in the market with large capitalizations. This also includes the experience and the domain knowledge earned by the vendor throughout its existence in the domain. A vendor with comprehensive knowledge and experience earned by rolling out their HR software in organizations of similar scale and many other industry verticals is a good basis to shortlist them for the next round of discussions!

3. Efforts in Innovation

Your HRMS vendor needs to have a strong track record of innovation. When shortlisting your vendors, do consider the how the HRIS can help you stay ahead of all your competitors in terms of people/ talent management. Your victory in talent management depends on the HRMS you will institute to manage your people! Hence you need to work with a partner who has a good history in answering numerous/complex HR challenges with innovative HR insight. See whether their capacity in innovative HR technologies has helped the success of other organizations in your industry/ out of your industry.

Scope of innovation should be beyond HR Software solutions. See whether the selected vendor has demonstrated their tech knowledge in other domains and whether they have capitalized on next-gen technologies such as upcoming cloud technologies etc.

We have highlighted 3 of the key criteria you need to consider when selecting your HR Software vendor in 2016. Do await our next post to discover the rest! Visit to find out how Microimage HR software solution fits your organization’s Human Capital Management!

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