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Adopting to the new normal with Face Recognition devices

By : MiHCM | Reporter

Adopting to the new normal with Face Recognition devices 1


2020, unlike any other year, shook the entire world with the spread of Covid-19 virus which was later labelled as a global pandemic. It took the world by storm and we can bluntly say that neither did anyone foresee this situation nor prepared for any of those challenges which came their way uninvitedly.


Overnight people had to start working from home facing spontaneous curfew impositions and strict guidelines on health and hygiene to adopt to. Even in 2021, we still adhere to these with the hope of restoring the lifestyle we had before 2020 with the lessons learned during the pandemic time.


Working from home, online communications, rapid use of online banking, online shopping and virtual meetups were given the name as the new normal. People around the world had adopted to the new normal together as one voluntarily for the betterment of the world. Contactless or Touchless communication modes, wearing masks and frequent temperature checks fell under the new normal routine as a precautious measure taken to stop the spread of Covid-19 virus. Due to this many new innovations came into light to overcome the challenges.


Few of the concerns and challenges faced by the corporates were as follows:

  • Need for a touchless access system because most of the companies were using fingerprint, passcode, and card system to grant access to the premises.
  • Employees having to remove masks for the face recognition devices to verify and authenticate attendance/ access. Requirement for a separate person for employee body temperature check before entering the premises. In order to overcome this situation, ZKTeco introduced SpeedFace-V5L[P] and SpeedFace-V5L[TD]. These devices come with multiple verification methods (Face / Palm / Fingerprint / Card / Password). And the most important identification feature is the facial verification with the mask on due to which the employees do not have to remove their masks when entering the premises. They will not have access to the workplace if they are not wearing the mask. Thanks to this feature, not only the employees will have a touchless biometric identification, but also have the assurance of safe hygienic environment. This also has the anti-spoofing algorithm against print attack (laser, colour, and B/W photos), videos attack and 3D mask attack.


The major difference of these two devices is the body temperature detection feature which is only available in SpeedFace-V5L[TD]. The feature acts as an access barrier to any employee who has a high body temperature than the normal indicated temperature. Thanks to this device the management does not have to risk another person’s life by assigning a person to check the temperature.


MiHCM, as a company has adopted to the new norm. Being the authorised distributor of SpeedFace-V5L[TD], MiHCM has taken the initiative to introduce this device to its workplace and employees in order to ensure the safety of the employees. All employees are registered in the system with their masks on, hence the device does not grant access to any employee without wearing the mask and has the required temperature to enter the premises.


The global pandemic might be there for an unknown time period and we will have to adopt to the new technologies to ensure every employees’ safety. Make sure that you make the right decision to ensure the safety of your corporate family.

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