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4 reasons to invest in “Cloud HR”

By : MiHCM | Reporter

Business leaders, irrespective of the domain they operate in or their capacity, lately demand for systems of efficiency, engagement and flexibility.

They look for systems that offer maximum flexibility to keep up with the pace of changing business requirements. We believe flexibility is valued when it comes with a unified user experience which supports overall business tasks. HR organizations and even the employees demand a rich user experience from the HR platforms they use regularly for routine HR functions. For an example, easily accessible employee self-service functionalities with efficient user experience helps to raise overall workforce productivity. The ability of the HR software to be available/ easily accessible and deliver functionalities with strong user experience certainly justifies the investment made on a HR software.

With the rising expectations from a HR software and emerging technology used to design and develop these systems opens a discussion on why enterprises should opt HR software developed with the emerging cloud and digital technology.

1.Cloud supports changing business needs

Rapid changes in business requirements is not an assumption, it is a fact. Hence, new generation cloud software will be developed to accomplish any HR users’ role and still have the capability to configure the system based on the business requirements changing at short notice. This certainly helps the agile business needs of an enterprise. Even though a cloud software is developed by populating business processes, businesses could configure any change in their process/s in the system which helps them stay in line with any change in the business. Further, ability to implement faster, obtain free software updates and upgrades and avoid investments on infrastructure and licenses (like in on-premise solutions) are other advantageous aspects of cloud HR software solutions that certainly helps businesses achieve agility.

2. HR software becomes a “Future-ready solution” with Cloud

Enterprises should pick HR software solutions that helps identify historic tends and even support them to predict future trends on the workforce. HR departments expect more input from technology and cloud technology definitely helps the organizations by integrating actionable workforce insights to the HR software. Powerful workforce analytics will help HR practitioners to search and compare talent profiles for better talent management decisions. The ability of a HR software to enable HR organizations to manage/ re-configure workflows and other routine HR processes in a system results in efficient HR practices. Aligning these practices to fit into future business needs helps HR to stay up-to-date.

3. Simplicity assured with intuitive User Interfaces

A prominent feature of a robust cloud HR software would be its ability to deliver a consumer grade user experience to its users. Ideally, it’s the user experience that simplifies the HR system and converts old cumbersome HR processes into user friendly & intuitive tasks. The ability of a cloud HR software to support a wider community of untrained users, shows the degree of simplicity it delivers. Modern HR software developed with digital and cloud technology will differentiate itself from legacy on premise solutions as a digital HR software will always entail lots of engaging features to make the HR software as easy to use as a social networking channel. ,

4. A workforce inclined to adopt Digital Technology

Demand for Cloud HR software & digital technology embedded HR software will definitely grow in the coming years. As we pointed out earlier in this post, companies would increasingly search for HR software solutions with the capacity to provide real time analytics. HR departments would require the HR software to be highly responsive to changing business needs. Another key requirement would be to instigate “systems-of-engagement” within organizations to ensure an engaged workforce. This shows the future need for a future-ready HR software such as Microimage HCM Cloud which offers easy collaboration, flexibility and seamless experience to employees throughout. As a leader in the HR space with hands-on experience of two decades, we would like to further discuss our journey in digital and cloud in our next posts. Stay tuned!

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