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3 trends we would see in HR tech in 2016!

By : MiHCM | Reporter

We bid farewell to 2015, believing that 2016 will be another exciting year to our HR fraternity. HR function is becoming an integral part in the business in both local and global arena.

Companies are looking at ways to bring HR to the forefront as they realize the importance of their employees and grooming them to utilize their talent to achieve the goals of the business.

This post outlines 3 trending areas of HR which would transform the process in 2016-

1.HR information is safer in cloud than in-house

Organizations often have a concern over storing, sensitive data on business and people in cloud. This is probably why HR professionals are still less inclined to convince the leadership in organizations to pursuit cloud HR software. Well… the increased use of cloud to manage data of broader audiences (like how social media channels use cloud tech to store sensitive data of millions of people) has enabled the tech world to successfully connect the world and create broad networks between various communities.

Identification/ study on how Cloud tech has assisted companies to maintain sensitive data will gradually convince the organizations to overhaul or replace legacy HR systems with cloud HR software.

2. Getting employees more engaged in HR

Legacy HR systems and its cumbersome processes have almost disengaged employees from using the HR system in their day-to-day HR functions. Ideal cloud HR software should be able to facilitate leave applications, checking overtime and accessing pay slips etc. conveniently. HR software with improved user interfaces helps employees to access essential employee details and process HR requests without much hassle. Also it helps HR professionals free themselves from processing operational HR functions which gives them more ability to focus on strategically important HR decisions.

3.Keep evolving or get left behind

In simple words, the consequence of not adopting to latest technology will make HR redundant in the organization… HR will be regarded as a department that depends and operates completely on manual processes, if they do not make proper use of emerging HR tech. With cloud tech, HR will move fast as technology will keep updating. Companies operating with legacy HR systems wait for years to get an updated version of the software, whereas cloud HR software users will get the frequent software updates much conveniently with minimum cost. Such latest updates will automatically give you access to latest functionality to optimize HR efficiency.

These trending norms in 2016 will push HR organizations to shift to a cloud HR system from an in-house solution which will help them utilize the complete potential of employees- the most valuable asset of the organization.

We invite our readers to share more trends they see, that will drive HR towards a new direction in this year!

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