Transforming Human Capital Management for National Development Bank with MiHCM

Customer Background

National Development Bank (NDB) is the leading bank in Sri Lanka, with over 3,000 employees working to provide the country with high quality and secure banking services. NDB pride themselves on empowering customers through innovative financial solutions delivered by an inspired workforce who are committed to excellence.


Customer Problem

With over 113 branches across Sri Lanka, NDB were eagerly seeking solutions that could address several key Human Resource related concerns:


Legacy on-premise HR systems were one of the first key opportunities for transformation. Migrating the HR system to the cloud was essential to the bank, despite concerns regarding the sensitive nature of employees details.


NDB has long-standing unique and complex employee performance assessments that are vital to their company’s values and success. These assessments were often time-intensive, repetitive, and required manual information processing.


NDB’s Human Resource policies and processes are constantly evolving. New practices are regularly needed to be put into place which results in increased time spent on manual implementations.


Also, NDB wanted to decrease operational HR costs including overtime but struggled with unreliable visibility of the departments, job categories, and individuals claiming overtime.


Solution by MiHCM

MiHCM focused on establishing the root cause of NDB’s HR issues to ensure the right solution was tailormade to the unique set of challenges.


MiHCM deployed the full stack of their cloud HR platform except the payroll administration, with multiple customisations taking making the solution to satisfy the requirements of the bank. Migrating the bank from a legacy system to a cloud platform was the first step, which was made possible through the use of Microsoft Azure. NDB gained the confidence about MiHCM to host their employee data as the data security, privacy and confidentiality was guaranteed by Microsoft Azure on which MiHCM has been developed.


NDB’s unique employee performance measurement requirements were met comprehensively by MiHCM’s Performance module, with the addition of customised add-ins. NDB were able to view employee performance analytics in real-time, enabling them to make clear and data-driven decisions fast.


With dynamically changing HR needs, MiHCM implemented an intuitive, configurable business rule to help NDB address HR policy and practice changes in a more structured and automated manner. Each time a HR policy/a business rule is changed, the MiHCM business rule builder helps the system to reflect these changes that occur in the bank’s HR policies.


Real-time analytics were transformational to NDB’s business processes as they were empowered to make better decisions on overtime and leave utilisation, department productivity and more. Among the most beneficial insights was analytics on overtime utilisation. This data enabled NDB to control their overtime costs and significantly reduce spending.



Through the deployment of MiHCM, National Development Bank is now empowered to recruit, train, and assess performance in a structured and productive way. They have saved unnecessary operational costs and time through automation, real time data-driven HR decisions, and robust talent management operations.