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MiHCM & Tech One Global celebrates three years of partnership, onboarding Lufthansa Technik to the MiHCM clientele in the Philippines.

By : MiHCM | Reporter

MiHCM & Tech One Global celebrates three years of partnership, onboarding Lufthansa Technik to the MiHCM clientele in the Philippines. 1

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka— March 23, 2022 — MiHCM, a global HR technology provider, recently marked the completion of its third consecutive year of partnership with Tech One Global, leading award-winning Microsoft cloud solutions integrator in the Philippines.


The combined efforts of MiHCM and Tech One Global have established the MiHCM brand as a powerful digital transformation advocate in the Philippines, offering a plethora of digital workplace/workforce solutions to enterprises of all sizes in the country. These integrated solutions provide them with a unified experience catering to the workforce and talent management.


Tech One Global is a leading cloud solutions integrator with a mission to lead, inspire, motivate, and empower small, medium, and enterprise businesses towards digital transformation. With 18 years of legacy, Tech One has become a responsible, inclusive, and diverse organization with 500 team members across Asia trusted by its clients to address their business needs from strategy, design to operations.


The partnership was established in 2018 when MiHCM announced its regional expansion to the Philippines with Tech One Global through the Microsoft Partner-to-Partner (P2P) Program. As a result, enterprise customers in the country were able to integrate MiHCM’s time and attendance, scheduling, onboarding, payroll, engagement tools, and more to drive employee engagement across departments and teams to promote a culture of productivity and collaboration.


“From pre-sales to post-implementation support, the trust and unconditional product support we have received from the MiHCM team have been instrumental to our success,” said Lahiru Munindradasa, Managing Director, Tech One Global, Philippines. “Tech One Global and MiHCM had a dream since the inception of our partnership to establish MiHCM as the most popular platform for HR digital transformation in the Philippines, and onboarding globally notable brands such as Lufthansa is paving the way to achieve this position”.


MiHCM and Tech One Global have an ambitious vision to introduce more employee-led experiences to help businesses improve their resilience. They include an all-new mobile experience integrated with SiriTM and Google AssistantTM; chatbot and video-based candidate shortlisting for recruitment; powerful analytics for the digital workplace and workforce; and MiA — MiHCM’s latest workplace virtual assistant for Microsoft Teams.


“MiHCM puts consistent effort to localize the product for the Philippine market. Today, we are proud to say the product is localized to suit the local statutory requirements and we are even contemplating multi-bank, multi-channel electronic payment network integration to potential clients in the Philippines which will optimize payroll integrations in the future,” Munindradasa added.


Over the past few years, MiHCM has engaged in substantial R&D to continuously transform its products’ overall digital HR experience. The company’s global footprint extends to more than 500 companies across 21 international markets with clients in large-scale Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Telco, Professional Services, Retail, and Technology companies.


“The partnership between MiHCM and Tech One Global affirms our commitment deliver experiences that supports the future of work in businesses of the Philippines. Our partnership over the last three years has allowed us to onboard key clients in the country like “Lufthansa Technik” said Himashie Perera, Head of Global Partner Program, MiHCM. “We look forward to further strengthening our partnership and close cooperation with Tech One Global Philippines. Our objective is to continually leverage this partnership to help businesses in the Philippines to successfully adopt hybrid work practices as businesses reinvent their workplace/workforce due to the covid19 pandemic”


MiHCM Cloud Digital HR is designed to run at scale on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, a global leader in cloud platform infrastructure. MiHCM was also recognized by Microsoft as the ISV partner of the year in 2019 and 2020 and the solution is listed in the global Microsoft ISV catalogue as one of the most comprehensive Digital Solutions in the market.


As the global workplace and workforce evolve, MiHCM envisions building more employee experiences that support its global clients to nurture the future of work by leveraging the power of technology.


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