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MiHCM opens a regional office in Bangladesh

By : MiHCM | Reporter

MiHCM opens a regional office in Bangladesh 1

Thursday, 3
rd November 2022, COLOMBO MiHCM, a global HR technology provider, has announced the opening of a regional office in Bangladesh to expand MiHCM digital HR solutions into the Bangladesh market.


This is MiHCM’s fifth regional office, with others located in Australia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The company offers its solutions to 500+ companies in 16 countries, serving over 200,000 users across Asia.


“We are delighted to establish our presence in Bangladesh, a country that is poised to become a formidable economy in Asia. We believe MiHCM can play a pivotal role in driving digital work tech adoption in Bangladeshi businesses. We also intend to invest in building the required technical and functional competencies to develop the required local talent for our growing local and global business,” said Harsha Purasinghe, CEO, MiHCM.


MiHCM Bangladesh currently has over 10 clients from diverse industries, including conglomerates, insurance, automobiles, and construction, and plans to help more businesses transition their HR operations to a cloud-based digital solution.


“To achieve the country’s vision of “Digital Bangladesh” by 2041, we must start now and help businesses shift into this digital realm. We must change how we live and the way we work to facilitate a digital and knowledge-based economy. MiHCM was designed for a future world that optimises employee productivity for business growth and survival,” said Anwar Parves, Country Lead, MiHCM Bangladesh.


Using the MiHCM web portal and mobile app, HR professionals can manage the employee lifecycle and easily complete or automate their HR tasks, such as recruiting, onboarding, and payroll administration. Businesses can further take advantage of MiHCM’s predictive data analysis and other real-time data insights to gain a better understanding of company turnover, employee performance, and engagement.


Moreover, MiHCM’s ongoing R&D involvement led to the development of localised features such as the inclusion of native languages, a provision for statutory laws and regulations, and tailored requirements that differ from company to country.


But entering a new market is a challenging task for any company. MiHCM introduced a Channel Partner Program that assists partners in successfully onboarding clients.


“The partnerships that MiHCM has affirms our commitment to delivering experiences that support the future of work for Bangladeshi businesses. Over the last four years, our partnerships have enabled us to onboard key clients in the country. We hope to leverage these partnerships in the future to help businesses in Bangladesh successfully adopt hybrid work practices as they reinvent their workplace and workforce,” said Himashie Perera, Head of Global Partner Program, MiHCM.


As the global workplace and workforce evolve, MiHCM envisions creating more employee experiences that help its international clients nurture the future of work.

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