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MiHCM launches new suite of data analytics to deliver insights for the Digital Workforce.

By : MiHCM | Reporter

MiHCM Smart Analytics and Power BI will enable organisations to make data driven workforce decisions.


MiHCM launches new suite of data analytics to deliver insights for the Digital Workforce. 1

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — February 14, 2022 — MiHCM, a global HR solutions provider, today announced the launch of their smart analytics solution and Power BI reporting capabilities to help organisations make smart data-driven decisions on their digital workforce.


Designed for HR teams and business leaders, MiHCM Analytics is an easy-to-use workforce analytics platform that combines Power BI dashboards and metrics with straightforward configuration options and predictive capabilities. The platform leverages the power of predictive analytics to provide organisations with a range of work-related insights on employee diversity, turnover, absenteeism, overtime and leave utilisation, recruitment, and employee performance.


“We understand the demands that HR teams and business leaders face, and how critical it is for them to have quick, easy access to workforce data that will help them make wiser workforce decisions, faster,” said Suren Rupasinghe, Chief Product Officer, MiHCM. “With MiHCM Analytics, we can offer them an advanced workforce analytics platform that is enormously flexible, visual and simple to use. It puts them in control of what matters most to them.”


MiHCM’s technical capabilities are recognised in the creation of business intelligence solutions and the domain in the connection of data sources, the realisation of data transformations, and the modelling and visualisation of data. The company has, among its many certifications, the Microsoft Gold Data Analytics and Gold Cloud Platform, further recognition of its close relationship with Microsoft that drives the company to continue to grow and access the best exclusive Microsoft technologies and resources.


“The ability to make right workforce decisions underpinned with data is key for any business, and this new offering is an extension of our commitment to help our clients make informed business decisions using the power of data analytics” added Suren.


The data analytics needs of any business will be served by MiHCM’s independent certified data science service harnessing the power of siloed data in an organisation, allowing any business to build their own analytics dashboards, set company-specific metrics, and benefit from Power BI reporting and predictive capabilities.


“MiHCM Analytics goes beyond straightforward analytics dashboards to provide predictive capabilities that help businesses stay on top of the trends relating to workforce insights,” said Nilanka Pieris, Tech Lead – MiHCM Analytics. “For example, it can highlight a sudden increase in absence across one part of the business, or an exodus of senior staff in another. HR teams can then examine their data to see if they can find potential causes – and then use that information to effect good change.”


As the global workplace and workforce evolve, MiHCM envisions building more employee experiences that support its global clients to nurture the future of work by leveraging the power of technology. The company was also recognised by Microsoft as the ISV partner of the year in 2019 and 2020 and the solution is listed in the global Microsoft ISV catalogue as one of the most comprehensive Digital Solutions in the market.


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