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MiHCM introduces new experiences to help businesses improve resilience amid COVID-19 uncertainty.

By : MiHCM | Reporter

MiHCM, the global HR technology provider, announced new experiences for MiHCM Cloud Digital HR Platform, MiA Workplace Virtual Assistant for Microsoft Teams, and MiHCM Mobile to facilitate business continuity, employee safety, and resilience amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


“The COVID-19 pandemic caught everyone off guard, transforming the world as we know it. Businesses must prepare to reintroduce new standards and expectations to their employees, particularly as COVID-19 variants emerge. Our top priority will be to protect the well-being of employees around the world by introducing more features and personalized services into our products,” said Nayanika Wijekoon, Marketing Manager, MiHCM.


The new experience to update the Covid-19 vaccination status of employees on their digital profile of MiHCM Cloud Digital HR will allow Management and HR administrators to access employee vaccination analytics by looking at a real-time dashboard to understand the fully and partially vaccinated employees, the organisation’s vaccination status by age group, gender and other criteria while employees navigate the platform to record vaccine information on their digital profile—including necessary proof documents that affirm they have been vaccinated with the required number of doses.


MiHCM Cloud Digital HR offers end-to-end operational and talent management HR functions while leveraging advanced analytics and natural language query functionalities to provide talent insights for timely and accurate decision-making.


In addition to the vaccination update available in the employee profile, a new feature available on MiA workplace virtual assistant and MiHCM Mobile will enable businesses to share important notices to employees and receive an acknowledgement from them. Furthermore, MiA; the workplace virtual assistant for Microsoft Teams introduced an experience for the remote workforce to reserve workspaces in case they wish to have onsite meetings/discussions supporting hybrid workforces and COVID-19 prevention measures.


“Businesses must closely manage employee work areas to ensure strict compliance with COVID-19 protocol. We introduced these features to address many of the safety and productivity challenges businesses are currently facing—whether it’s sending vaccination-related information, reserving a desk or conference room in their respective office, or simply informing co-workers that they will be working from home, and sharing the relevant policies and documents for employees’ knowledge” added Wijekoon.


MiA is a workplace virtual assistant available on Microsoft Teams. It allows employees to complete work-related service requests and track their daily fitness activity and productivity. Available on Android and iOS devices, MiHCM Mobile enables employees to check in and out from work through voice-enabled assistants like Google Assistant and Siri. The app’s built-in facial recognition facility and fingerprint authentication offer a contactless attendance system to help businesses discover new opportunities amid COVID-19 uncertainty.


MiHCM Cloud Digital HR is designed to run at scale on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform which is a global leader in cloud platform infrastructure. MiHCM was also recognised by Microsoft as the ISV partner of the year in 2019 and 2020 and the solution is listed in the global Microsoft ISV catalogue as one of the most comprehensive Digital Solutions in the market.


Over the past few years, MiHCM has engaged in substantial R&D to continuously transform the overall digital HR experience of its products. The company’s global footprint extends to more than 500 companies across 15 international markets with clients in large-scale Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Telco, Professional Services, Retail and Technology companies.


As digital transformation changes the workplace, MiHCM will continue to increase transparency and efficiency in the workplace by way of best-in-class innovative solutions. To learn more about the MiHCM product portfolio.


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