Empowering Digital HR Transformation for Crystal Martin Cambodia

Crystal Martin Cambodia

Crystal Martin Cambodia manufactures and supplies high quality apparel to world-class global retailers. They provide an end-to-end service to customers inclusive of manufacturing, design, fabric, garment & pattern technology, merchandising and distribution.


The problem

Managing a 4000+ headcount factory is no small feat. When Crystal Martin engaged with MiHCM, they highlighted concerns around systematizing their HR process while adhering to Cambodia statutory requirements, obtaining real-time critical Human Resource insights around turnover, attendance and other workforce dynamics.


The need for HR insights on absenteeism, turnover, line-balancing soared. Increasing problems such as managing highly complex rostering and shifts, integrating payroll with virtual bank accounts, and complying with highly specific national compliance regulatory activities. Crystal Martin needed an agile solution to fit their complex staffing and payroll structure in a unique regulatory environment.


The solution

MiHCM deployed their world-class Digital HR solution, along with various solution add-ons custom-built for Crystal Martin. MiHCM includes Time Attendance, Payroll, HR analytics and Microsoft Power BI dashboards (all presented through Microsoft Teams for Crystal Martin) and hosted on Azure – an integrated cloud platform.


Payroll is an ongoing complexity for all organizations. MiHCM removed the need for manual payroll processing, and replaced it with automated, digitized processing that integrated with employee’s virtual bank accounts. The payroll customization was built around Cambodian Wing Payment Transfer, an exclusive feature to MiHCM. Cambodian banks have opened a API to ensure data can flow through securely. Further to this payroll customization, critical statutory Cambodian requirements are now handled automatically, such as the NSSF requirements, pensions, indemnity seniority, and taxes.


Attendance and Analytics are managed through MiHCM’s deployment. Through Microsoft Power BI Dashboards, operations managers now have total visibility on items such as: employee absenteeism, employee turnover, overtime spent, overall headcount, and specific ratio’s. These powerful insights have enabled Crystal Martin to view in real-time the specific movements of their company, allowing them to make highly informed decisions. A key highlight of this solution for Crystal Martin was the ability to automatically line-balance their production lines. Instead of manually checking each of their 70+ production lines, MiHCM delivers real-time data showing what lines are missing employees, and re-balances them to keep processes running smoothly.


The results

Building MiHCM on Microsoft Azure enabled a secure, scalable and stable deployment. In addition to an increase in line balancing productivity, MiHCM also delivered advanced HR insights. With clear and intuitive dashboards, Crystal Martin is empowered to make smarter HR Decisions and to better manage factory flow. Furthermore, Crystal Martin has noticed an improvement in internal communications, with staff actively sharing reports and insights via Microsoft Teams.