Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials 1

NDB Bank – Sri Lanka


NDB continues to strengthen its digital footprint internally as well as externally, encouraging employees to embrace innovative ways of working and transforming employee interactions. In 2017 the Bank introduced the MiHCM cloud HR solution to manage core and strategic HR functions of 2500+ employees at National Development Bank PLC. The system has assisted the Bank to shift to a digital approach from an on-premise system to manage the Time & attendance, employee life cycle movements, performance management, recruitment, learning management to name a few. The MiHCM mobile app and HR insights have been adding value to our employees in enabling a range of administrative functions to manage their day to day HR requirements on the go and for the Bank’s management and HR division to understand important HR metrics using the MiHCM real-time dashboards.


Rohan Manasseh

Senior Manager- Human Resources

National Development Bank- Sri Lanka



Customer Testimonials 2

Crystal Martin Cambodia


With a workforce of 4,000+ people managing the HR & Payroll departments without a robust, flexible & user-friendly system has been a challenge in the past. Conscious of our vulnerability in this area we commenced in mid-2019 evaluating several companies that provide solutions. This evaluation process led us to Micro Image who already has a strong presence in the HRMS sector within the region & specialise in manufacturing, they also have support from Microsoft.


In August 2019 we commenced the project with Micro Image with a plan to go live January 2020. All targets during the implementation have been achieved which can be attributed to the technical ability & professionalism of the Micro Image team working in conjunction with our own IT & HR departments. Due to the nature of our business there was a level of customisation required, the Micro Image team’s understanding of our process made this a relatively smooth process even though we had some challenging customisation requirements.


I would have no hesitation in recommending the services provided by Micro Image to any manufacturing organisation & wish them all the best with future projects.


Shaun Walsh

Country Manager

Crystal Martin- Cambodia



Customer Testimonials 3

HNB Finance- Sri Lanka


MiHCM has been the HR platform for HNB Finance for many years. We have successfully upgraded our HR practice thanks to advanced technology used by MiHCM to design and develop their platform. Today we are managing our entire HR process starting from managing employees’ profiles, attendance, payroll and even recruitment, performance appraisals and learning management with MiHCM. MiHCM’s ability to provide real-time dashboards on attendance, overtime hours, employee performance, turnover etc. is a true business benefit to our organisation as this has enabled us to analyse data and make accurate HR decisions.

Yohan Dananjaya

Senior Manager – Human Resources
HNB Finance Limited- Sri Lanka



Customer Testimonials 4

Durdans Hospital- Sri Lanka


I have used MiHCM for almost a decade, and have chosen MIHCM and deployed it to many places including large scale manufacturing companies employed over 10000 people. Over the last period the product has been evolved tremendously with a reasonable offering together with a talented set of professionals who provided an outstanding pre and post implementation support and that was the main reason for me to choose the latest MIHCM cloud platform for Durdans hospital the very latest deployment done in my work experience. Durdans Hospital employees over 2000 employees in many disciplines with complex working rosters. MIHCM managed to deploy the T&A and Payroll in a very short period with all challenges replacing another HRIS system. The platform’s capability to manage operational HR, attendance management, payroll and even the talent management dimensions has helped Durdans hospital to introduce the digital transformation to our HR organisation. The key value we experience from MiHCM is its ability to automate HR helping us to focus our efforts more on managing talent. MiHCM’s ability power the mobile first workforce with its native Android and iOS mobile applications has empowered our employees to manage their attendance and leave conveniently.


Sanjeewa Kodikara

Head of Information and Communications Technology

Durdans Hospital- Sri Lanka